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Posted on Wed 27 Oct 2021

WAPOR Annual Conference 2021

As part of the Libya panel download the paper "Using Artificial Intelligence in Peacemaking: The Libya Experience" as part of the 2021 WAPOR Annual Conference 'Speaking Truth to Power: Public Opinion in a Time of Crisis'.

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Peacemaking: The Libya Experience

Posted on Thu 01 Oct 2020

WAPOR Annual Conference 2020

A Critical Review of the UN75 Global Surveys Presented to the 2020 UN General Assembly.

Presented at the WAPOR 2020 Annual Conference 6-10 October by Colin Irwin, Ijaz and Bilal Gilani.
Download both the Paper and PowerPoint below:

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WAPOR 2020 Irwin/Gilani Paper Final
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UN75 WAPOR 2020 Presentation